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How do I transfer an exisiting Domain Name with BMIT?

What is the fee to transfer my existing domain Name with BMIT?

No transfer fees are charged by BMIT. However, once a domain is requested for transfer, a €15 yearly fee is charged as per normal domain name registration procedures.

What registrar processes should be in place with my existing service provider prior to transferring my domain with BMIT?

The process for transferring a domain name varies depending on the domain type. Please ensure that the current registrar’s procedures have been followed as explained below and they have been authorized by you to approve our transfer request.

Visit for a WHOIS lookup

Contact your current registrar

Visit our online store, purchase any required product, or via your existing BMIT Control panel and transfer your domain.

Once transfer is completed (approx. 15days), BMIT will renew the domain for another year and will charge you a yearly €15 fee for domain name registration purposes.