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Get your hosting compliance requirements up and running, fast.

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Starting up a new business within a regulated environment, or expanding into new areas of operation, is a major challenge to any organisation. Regulatory authorities often mandate that specific data shall be hosted in the licensing jurisdiction, and therefore complicating further the IT infrastructure being deployed.

Such obligations are particularly stringent on online gaming and fintech operators. And this is where we can help. We have many years' experience in deploying such type of solutions, and have put in place our expertise, technology and resources to provide a quick-to-deploy solution to help you achieve this requirement, in a fully compliant manner. So whether it's players' data replication for gaming or a forensic node for fintech, we can help.

If you would like to know more about data localisation, you might wish to check our Executive Note on that subject.

Download our Executive Note on Data Localisation

How can we help?

Amongst the many things we learned from our customers over our many years' experience as a leading provider of IT services to online gaming operators across Europe, one thing stands out: our customers would always prefer to focus on their gaming operations, UX, CX and marketing rather than spend prolonged time managing their IT infrastructure and operations.

An off-the-shelf solution so
you do not waste technical resources' time on
finding the right set-up

Quick-to-deploy infrastructure, using in-stock equipment, & with no complex proposals, kit ordering & consequent delivery waiting time

An expert technical team
ready to configure and deploy
to your requirements
within a certified datacentre
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More specifically, we will make available:

Brand new, pre-configured, servers from stock (or readily available), dedicated exclusively for you.

Optionally, access to a range of cloud services, including access to a local cloud platform in Malta

Certified datacentre, networking and cloud experts, with many years experience in deploying online gaming solutions

A range of managed services you can choose from to let us manage the set-up for you

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Hosting in ISO and PCI certified data centres, owned and managed by us.

24x7 on-site technical experts for any eventuality.

Access to top quality internet connectivity, made available over our own highspeed, international private network, fully redundant across multiple circuits, out of Malta and on mainland Europe.

Protection through a number of core tools we make available to all customers, including advanced denial of service (DDOS) protection and mitigation, and firewall solutions.

Partnership with leading global IT players such as HPE and Microsoft, for direct access to further expertise, knowledge and support.

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