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Cybersecurity Discovery Assessment

BMIT's comprehensive Cybersecurity Discovery Assessment enables businesses to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and security risks within their IT enterprise. Our assessment, based on the Centre for Internet Security’s (CIS v8) 18 controls, takes a step-by-step approach to help you understand what your business, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management needs are.

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How does it work?

001 one
Audit, Assess & Review

Our technology advisors will conduct a thorough discovery exercise to gain a deep understanding of your current IT infrastructure, data architecture & requirements. They will then determine the level of assessment required to identify any cybersecurity gaps.

002 two
Strategy & Design

BMIT's solution architects will deliver a strategic roadmap and provide actionable recommendations. Our experts will guide you through the entire process and explain each action required to help your business remain secure and compliant.

003 three
Enable & Deploy

The solution advisors and security engineering team will map out the requirements and timeframe to implement or deploy the solution/s. Deployment may occur in phases depending on the project's complexity and circumstances.

004 four
Manage & Support

BMIT will manage the deployment as necessary and provide full support to ensure the smooth execution and running of any solution or configuration. Once the project is completed, BMIT will continue to provide support and maintain the deployed solutions to ensure optimal performance.

005 five
Re-assess & Optimise

BMIT's experts will continuously monitor and optimise your setup to ensure that your deployment remains secure and compliant. In addition, our experts will recommend changes or further configuration to maximise the deployment's potential. We may also recommend another assessment.


The benefits to your organisation

Our assessment and guidance will help you transition from a reactive to a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Your organisation will be more prepared, aware, and ready to detect, respond to, and recover from any security incident quickly and effectively.

Start protecting your business from potential data breaches and other security threats, save money by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early on, and demonstrate to your customers and partners that you take security seriously and your organisation is committed to protecting its sensitive data.

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