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How do I settle payments via my control panel?

Step 1 

Outstanding payments will be displayed on your control panel dashboard.

To settle payment either press the ‘Pay Now’ button as shown in the screen shot below, or go to:

• ‘Accounts’ Tab
• Financial documents
• Select payment to settle

dashboard CP
select payment cp

Step 2

After choosing the documents to pay, press next to choose your payment method; ‘Debit/Credit card’, press ‘Next’ to continue.

choose payment method CP


A payment information window is opened, and an external window to enter debit/credit card details is opened to proceed with payment.

redirect to payment gateway cp

Step 4 (optional)

The automatic renewals option is activated. With this option activated, existing services are automatically renewed on due date, and payment charged on credit card. Additionally, any new orders will be charged on same card, unless deactivated.