Jan 03, 2013

Jan 03, 2013

Why your backup provider matters

One of the most famous stories about backups and their importance revolves around Pixar. The animated movie behemoth inadvertently almost deleted their Toy Story 2 movie, due to careless key strokes and a bad backup. Luckily for them an employee had a copy of her own from which they could restore what was lost, but you might not always be so lucky.

Here are a few things which will demonstrate why your backup provider matters (and just how vital the service they offer is).

Disaster Recovery.

Every business should have some sort of disaster recovery plan and a reputable cloud storage provider will help you to create a disaster recovery plan which is tailored to your business’ needs or even create the disaster recovery plan for you themselves. Do not underestimate the value of this plan; you can only see how valuable it truly is when a mishap does strike.

 Your own Backup and Recovery Solution.

No business is exactly like any other business, so the backup and recovery plan for your business should be unique to your requirements. Ensure that your backup and recovery plan recovers all mission-critical data and applications first so as to reduce any downtime and maintain a high productivity (Learn more about the data that you should back-up).

Monitor Backups.

There are tons of horror stories about data that disappeared because no one checked to make sure the data was backing up properly. Ensure that you check that you can effectively restore the data that has been backed up and that any encryption keys are saved in a secure place.


It’s always nice to know that whenever you have a question or want to make changes to your backup and recovery service, you can get in touch with someone who is not only knowledgeable about the services in general but also about your company’s particular needs.

Time is Money.

How long it will take your backup and recovery provider to recover lost data? Of course, it will be much less than if you had to try do so yourself, but you will want to know what procedures the provider will follow should disaster strike. Given their experience in this field, reputable backup companies can provide fairly accurate estimates.

Backups usually only matter when you lose something, and then you panic trying to figure out what was actually lost and where it can be retrieved from. Leaving this huge headache to a good backup provider is the sensible choice to make! Contact us to see how we can help.

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