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Managed Cloud Solutions

Your office, anywhere

Our unified communications technologies allow your organisation to function in different locations seamlessly. Increase mobility, boost productivity and enhance customer experience with our range of innovative solutions. Let us take your business communications to the next level.

Lower communication costs

Using cloud-based VoIP, our unified communication solutions result in a significant reduction in your communication costs. At the same time, calls are clearer, providing customers with an improvement in their interactions with your organisation.

Instant messaging

Employee communication and productivity increases through our range of web chat and messaging services. No third party messaging service is required, nor are personal employee contact numbers. Through a platform which works on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, communication has never been easier.

Staff visibility

Easily know when individual staff members are available, in a meeting or unavailable through a live user interface. Avoid transferring calls to busy staff members, allowing the organisation to be more productive whilst eliminating customer frustration.

Seamless collaboration

Free your staff to work to the best of their abilities as communication issues become a thing of the past. Spend less time trying to get in touch with collaborators and more time spent on being productive for your business.

Your communication specialists

BMIT will meet your staff to understand all your needs and devise a custom solution to match. Our support extends beyond the initial implementation, and we continue to monitor your communications infrastructure on an ongoing basis, reducing potential downtime and maximising productivity.
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The new age of communications

Gone are the days when communication was simply over just one channel, like telephone lines or the Internet. Today's unified communication solutions allow you to cross channels seamlessly no matter where you, your staff, or your customers are located.
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What sets us apart from the rest?

What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

Discover how our services could transform your business’ online efficiency and security

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