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DNS Hosting

DNS hosting, is our DNS service which allows you to control and manage your DNS settings from our Cloud Control Panel. When using this DNS service, you can maintain full control of your websites and all other records by administering changes and settings for all of your domain names.

With DNS services, your domain name’s DNS information is distributed to various servers around the world. Your visitors’ connectivity time is decreased significantly when they search for your website because the close servers deliver a faster online response.


Key benefits

Manage all your domains from a friendly and easy to use interface.

Add unlimited A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SRV or TXT records to your zones/domains

Easily add MX & SRV records for online mail services and other popular cloud services

Share access to domains with your team

how much does it cost?



€10.00 per year

Price excl. VAT
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