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Managed Cloud Solutions

Cloud Servers

Scalable, flexible and pay-per-use cloud servers, on demand.

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Flexibility and Scalability

Our Cloud servers offer you the flexibility of having a reliable and affordable server that allows you to conveniently up-scale or down-scale computing resources and services to provision a virtualised cloud-computing infrastructure to suit your business needs.


BMIT Cloud Server is a pay-as-you-go service, and pricing varies according to configuration. Our Pricing Calculator will give you a monthly cost estimate for the features you to set: CPU, Storage, RAM, Backup Frequency, Type of OS. Once the required configuration features are selected, you may proceed to order and configure your service online.

Need more options?

If you are looking for a different kind of solution, a dedicated set-up, or a private or hybrod cloud solution we can help. We also have a list of dedicated server packages readily available – check them out here



1-16 CPU Cores per Virtual Server

Parallels Powered Virtualisation on AMD multicore architecture


5-800 GB available storage space per virtual server

Central, redundant high-performance SAN

Fast Internet connectivity based on traffic usage

Up to 100 Mbps without forced throttling

Choose from DAILY or WEEKLY backup options to protect your data

Choice of Linux (CentOS 5, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 12.04, Debian 6) or Windows (Standard 2008 R2 & Standard 2012 R2)


Configuration and administration

Full root/administrator access for extended system control

Control Panel fully compatible with mobile browsers (*requires smartphone with internet connectivity)

Monitoring of your server services via browser or mobile browser

Access to your user settings and comfortable configuration and contract management

Reset or reinitialization possible at all times

Trained staff to assist you at any time

peace of mind


SSL certificate - certified security for the exchange of personal data

High performance data centre - hosted in Malta’s largest data centres and one of the leading independent DCs in Europe

Firewall - firewall services built right into your control panel for easy configuration



Custom applications - integration of custom applications possible ‒ through the use of APS Standard

Script languages - you are in control with full console access to your system

Database support - you are in control with full console access to your system

CronJobs / scheduled tasks - automatic program launch at specific times



Dedicated static IP addressing

Can be procured through storfront – Use domain as fixed Internet address (.net,.com, .biz, .org and .info)

Registered domains managed through the CP

Transfer your existing domain

Individual configuration of DNS records (e.g. for external domains or own mail and DNS services)


Control panel

Scale-up or down your resources as required

Manage each BMIT cloud service individually

Purchase new BMIT Cloud Services on a 24/7 basis

Manage all financial documents related to your BMIT Public Cloud services

Monitor usage of your existing BMIT cloud services

what else?

Other features

Ability to purchace additional IP addresses

The ability to override system assigned DNS server settings

The ability to fully integrate with a hybrid setup via a dedicated vlan to collocated physical equipment

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How does it work?

Initial payment when setting up your cloud server subscription

Your new BMIT Cloud server is provisioned instantly upon payment of your first sales order. A €15 base fee will be charged upfront as your initial payment to activate your cloud service subscription. This includes a 60GB of outbound traffic, which may be shared across multiple servers created on this same subscription.

Pay-as-you go…

When configuring your server through the online store, an approximate estimate of the monthly bill based on the configurations of the server is calculated. This reflects the €15 base fee which needs to be paid to activate the cloud server and the total amount will be charged on the next billing date assuming that:

The server created remains switched ON

The compute resources setup during initial configuration remain unchanged.

On-going monthly payments

€15 base fee as a recurring fee on a monthly basis. This includes the renewal of the 60GB outbound traffic bundle and is charged on a pre-paid basis.

Any usage of the created cloud server/s is then charged on a pay-as-you go service. This means that rates and billing will vary depending on the compute resources utilised during that month (CPU, RAM, HDD, OS, bandwidth beyond the 60GB, etc…)

Please note that the

Initial payment which activates the cloud service is €15 (this refers to the same base fee which includes bandwidth bundle)

On next billing date, the Invoice will include charges depending on the utilisation of the cloud server resources used (ie post-paid) and the base fee of €15 which is renewal of the 60GB outbound traffic bundle (ie pre-paid for the coming month)

This therefore gives you the flexibility to up-scale or down-scale your cloud server instantly, at any time through your single login cloud control panel.

Alternatively you may…

Switch off your cloud server through your cloud control panel to reserve your server state and compute resources. This will allow billing to be based on the minimal rates for the reserved and provisioned resources

No longer wish to make use of one of your cloud servers, but want to maintain additional server/s created on the same subscription. Any Compute resources (CPU, RAM, HDD, OS, etc…) for the specific deleted server will no longer be invoiced

If all servers are no longer needed, you may terminate your cloud server subscription. This will deactivate the €15 recurring base fee as well as the minimal billing rates based on the reserved resources.

Prices are excl. VAT

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What sets us apart from the rest?

What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

Discover how our services could transform your business’ online efficiency and security

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