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Modern Work

The world of work has changed dramatically in the past decade. Technology, automation, social media and artificial intelligence (AI) have reshaped the way we work, communicate, and collaborate.

Technology has empowered businesses to work smarter and more efficiently.

Routine tasks are increasingly being automated, freeing up time for more strategic and creative work.

Real-time communication through social media has enabled faster dissemination of information.

Artificial intelligence is driving productivity and creativity in ways never seen before.

modern work
Device Management
Apps & Automation
Employee Experience
IP Telephony
Security is a key aspect of modern work, and BMIT gives it priority in everything we do. Using, Microsoft's solutions we provide comprehensive security capabilities that protect data, devices, identities, and infrastructure from evolving threats, while enabling seamless collaboration and productivity.
Productivity is a key factor for success and BMIT offers solutions that enable organisations to empower their employees, optimise their processes, and secure their data, all while leveraging the power of the cloud. With Microsoft's Modern Work solutions, such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, and Azure, organisations can achieve more with less time, cost, and complexity.
Employees can work from anywhere, on any device, and thus device management is critical for IT administrators to remotely configure, monitor, update, and secure devices that are used by their organisation's workforce. Device management is supported by various solutions and services, such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365.
Apps and automation are essential components that enable organisations to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity, with a range of tools and platforms to help developers and end-users create, deploy, and manage apps and automation across devices and cloud environments. Some of these include Power Apps, Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Graph, and Teams.
Employee experience is a key factor to ensure employees can work in a flexible, collaborative and productive way, as it reflects how they feel about their work, their workplace and their employer. BMIT uses Microsoft's tools and solutions that enable employees to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device, while staying connected, informed and secure.
To enable modern work practices, such as remote work, collaboration, and mobility, by providing reliable, secure, and cost-effective communication solutions, BMIT offers IP telephony that allows voice communication over the internet, using the same protocols and standards as data transmission.

BMIT and Modern Work

Modern Work is not a new concept for BMIT. We have closely followed these trends and offer clients a wide range of technical solutions and guidance on how best to improve efficiency, enable a more flexible workforce and automate where possible to speed up processes.

BMIT works with leading global vendors like Microsoft to offer a full suite of collaboration tools, such as Microsoft 365, efficient ways to connect remote workforces, using Microsoft’s Cloud services and tools like virtual desktop for instant collaboration.

We can help with operational efficiency, social communications tools like Viva and key management solutions for devices and endpoints, and IP telephony, among others.

How we help
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Modern Work and Security challenges

These dramatic changes, however, also pose significant security challenges for organisations that need to protect their sensitive information and assets from cyberattacks, data breaches, and insider threats. Every business needs to adopt a comprehensive and adaptive security strategy. BMIT can help your business to enable your users to work securely from anywhere and any device, while protecting your data and assets from threats.

What are the main threats and how can BMIT help?


Challenge: Protecting sensitive data from unauthorised access

Solution: BMIT offers several options to help you protect your data and prevent data leakage. Solutions include Microsoft 365 with compliance and security features, Microsoft Entra and Azure AD (Active Directory).

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Challenge: Proliferation of endpoints (any devices that connect to the network or the cloud, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, or IoT devices)

Solution: Endpoint management and security are critical areas of concern and BMIT strongly recommends using a combination of two solutions, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Defender.

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Challenge: Complexity of the cloud environment

Solution: BMIT has the expertise and experience to help a business manage costs, boost security and gain flexibility of their Enterprise IT infrastructure. On-premises, Cloud or a hybrid approach require planning and a clear understanding of the business’s goals.

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Challenge: The Human Factor

Solution: Often cited as the weakest link, your users can also be your first line of defence. BMIT can help you strengthen these links through awareness programmes to start with and a more technical answer in the form of Microsoft Entra to protect identities, Defender for identity, Office 365 and the security features, like MFA, in Azure AD.

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