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Registering, transferring or maintaining existing Domain Name registrars for BMIT’s Hosted Exchange Mail

If you have requested a new Internet domain name or you are transferring an existing domain, it may take up to 48 hours for that registration to propagate through the Internet. Your new email accounts will already be programmed with the new domain’s name; however, email will not start flowing to your account until the DNS changes update “over” the Internet. During this “delay”, you can send email from your account but incoming email may continue to go to your legacy email service/provider. We suggest that  you should check your old email account until emails are no longer arriving to that legacy email system. 

Kindly contact our support team if  you wish to maintain hosting your domain with your existing registrar. However please note that, your order may be delayed for up to 8 hours while we verify the validity of ownership for your domain. This is a necessary security measure which is required to maintain the proper functioning of our email system. Once your order has been processed, you will need to update “your” MX record with your current registrar. The change can be made by logging into your domain registration account DNS settings and changing the MX record to point to the new domain. Please contact us for further assistance. Related Articles