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Locked Users – Hosted Exchange Mail

Why is my password being rejected?

There are 3 main reasons why this could be happening.  These are:

  1.  An incorrect password is being inputted or the password has been changed but not updated on your mobile / desktop device;
  2. You (or a possible attacker) tried to access your account 5 consecutive times using an incorrect password and therefore your account got temporarily locked as a security feature.

My account got locked, what has happened?

This security feature makes it difficult for a user to try and guess a mailbox password by using methods such as brute force attack.

The account can also get locked if a Hosted Exchange account is set up on one’s mobile or tablet device and the password is not updated on this device.

What can I do?

First and foremost it is important that one uses a unique password for each important accounts like email, online banking etc. Always use long passwords made up of numbers, letters and symbols. Regularly change passwords and always keep them in a safe place.

In this particular case one has to replace the password set on exchange on the device.

Also, in some cases this is due to the user trying to access his account using an incorrect password.

How can I unlock my user Account?

There two options:

  1. Wait for 1 hour since the last attempt made using the incorrect password;
  2. Ask your IT administrator of the Cloud Account to unlock your account.

As an Administrator, how can I unlock one of my user’s account?

Please log into the cloud account using your username and password

Click on the ‘Account Tab’

Click on ‘More Tools’ Tab

Click on ‘Locked Users’ under the ‘Account Data’ section

Select the locked user by ticking the box next to it and then click ‘Unlock’

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