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How to Purchase, Configure and Access a BMIT Cloud Server

  1. Go directly to the online store ;
  2. From any page on site click the online store button on top of page;
  3. In the product pages click on the Shopping Cart icon when it appears next to a particular product available on store;

Step 1

In this example, by clicking the option to view more information about the product, the user is taken to the Cloud Server Product Page and given more information as well as the possibility to calculate the costs involved prior to purchasing:

The online calculator is useful since the dynamic Cloud Server is the only cloud service charged post-used. This will allow you to change the server configuration any time, and get charged only for the resources used.

In contrast to the monthly or annual charges applicable to virtual server, a Cloud Server is charged hourly, thereby giving full control to the user on the charges involved.

Step 2

 On clicking the ‘Calculate’ icon, an easy-to-use screen is presented, allowing you to vary the following resources:

Step 3

On clicking the ‘ADD TO CART’ the Order Screen is presented, giving:

Step 4

You are then prompted to enter:

customer details online store

 Click here to view Steps 1-4 tutorial Video

Step 5

The next screen is determined by whether you have chosen an offline or an online payment method:

 Click here to view Step 5 tutorial video

Step 6

To configure and initiate actual server, you must log in to the control panel and setup server/s as follows:

Please note that:

Click here to view Step 6 tutorial video

Step 7

Click here to view step 7 tutorial video