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How does the Pay-as-you-go method for BMIT’s Cloud Server work?

Your new BMIT Cloud server is provisioned instantly upon payment of your first sales order. A €15 base fee will be charged upfront as your initial payment to activate your cloud service subscription. This includes a 60GB of outbound traffic, which may be shared across multiple servers created on this same subscription.

On-going monthly payments

€15 base fee as a recurring fee on a monthly basis. This includes the renewal of the 60GB outbound traffic bundle and is charged on a pre-paid basis.

Any usage of the created cloud server/s is then charged on a pay-as-you go service. This means that rates and billing will vary depending on the compute resources utilised during that month (CPU, RAM, HDD, OS, bandwidth beyond the 60GB, etc…)

Please note that the

This therefore gives you the flexibility to up-scale or down-scale your cloud server instantly, at any time through your single login cloud control panel.


When configuring your server through the online store, an approximate estimate of the monthly bill based on the configurations of the server is calculated. This reflects the €15 base fee which needs to be paid to activate the cloud server and the total amount will be charged on the next billing date assuming that:

Alternatively you may…

*All prices are exclusive of VAT