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How do I keep on using BMIT’s online payment method when paying renewal fees and purchasing new services if I already have a BMIT cloud account?

If you have already purchased a BMIT Cloud Service and want to purchase further services you may do so via your personalised control panel or via the online store (once logged in).

If you have already paid for your previous orders via our online payment method, by default, the automatic renewals option is activated. With this option activated, existing services are automatically renewed on due date, and payment charged on Debit/Credit card. 

Additionally, any news orders will be automatically charged on same card. Alternatively, you may use the ‘Accounts’ section on your control panel to:

• Place new orders through ‘Buy more services’ and fill in payment details after placing your final order

• You may deactivate the automatic renewal option by clicking on the ‘Payment Method’ tab and choose the disable option or by removing the card on record on your control panel

• If the auto-renew option is off, you may manage and place your payments directly from ‘Financial Documents’ tab. (debit/credit card used will activate auto-renewals by default,if you wish to de-active this; please refer to disabling auto-renew article