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Buy Bmit Cloud Backup via online store

1. Head to our website at

2. Select ‘Online Store’ located at the top right corner of your screen.

3. Click on ‘BUY NOW’ under the ‘BMIT Cloud Backup’

4. The Cloud Backup service is available in workstation only or workstation, server and virtual machines flavors.  You can opt to purchase each of these with either 50 GB or 200 Gb. Additional storage can be purchased at any point in the future.

  Kindly select one of the options and then select the plan of your choice.

5. Should you wish to add storage, you can do so by adding additional units next to the upgrade options of your choice. Then click ‘Continue’

6.  After you pressed ‘Next’, you will be presented with the screen below.

a.  If you are already a customer please tick the ‘Yes’ button marked in red and insert your username and password in the customer login section. Then click ‘Login’

7. Should you be a new customer, please tick ‘No’ marked in red and fill your information. Once finished, please go through the Terms and Conditions and tick the box if you agree. Then click ‘Place Order’

8. If Debit/Credit Card were selected as the preferred method of payment, the backup service will be available as soon as payment is affected. If you prefer the Cash/Cheque method, the service will be available once payment has been received.

Should you have any queries kindly contact us on