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Assigning & configuring BMIT Cloud backup to service users

Please refer to KB article on How to create & assign the Bmit Cloud Backup to Users

1. Once user has been created & following previous KB article User1 should now  login to BMIT cloud control panel using the credentials entered upon account creation 

2. You are now presented with your user control screen. The user may now click ‘Backup Service’ and select to download the appropriate Installation depending on the Operating System installed on your Computer

3. Once the Setup has been downloaded, one should click ‘Install’ and then insert his username and password of the cloud account. Once done please click ‘SIGN IN’

4. Once presented with the screen below please click ‘INSTALL NOW’

5. After the installation completes, the computer is added to the list of machines in the users control Panel. Please click on ‘Manage Backups’ to set up the backup schedules and configure any required settings.

7. Please select what you need to backup, where to backup and schedule of the backup process. Once done please click ‘APPLY’. The cogwheel allows you to set up advanced options such as encryption of backup data.

8. A new window will pop up asking for the name you wish to give for your backup. Write down a name and click ‘OK’

9.One will be presented with the page as seen below. You have the option to start your first backup immediately*.

* Please note that the first backup will take quite some time, depending on the amount of data being backed up. Subsequent backups will only upload the changes you make to your files (incremental) thus these should take less time.

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