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Adding a service user to BMIT Cloud Backup

1. Once you have completed your purchase please visit the BMIT cloud control panel using the credentials entered upon account creation

2. If this is your only subscription with BMIT, you will need to configure the user(s) that will make use of the backup. Select ‘Users on the main screen in the CP.

3. You will be presented with a list of your current users (if you have any). Should you wish to add new users please click ‘Add New Service User ’

4. Fill in the fields with the appropriate details and click ‘Next’

5. A confirmation page will be displayed confirming that the new user has been added to your list of users. Afterwards click ‘Finish’

6. On your Cloud Control Panel, click on the new tab ‘Backup Service’ and then ‘Add New Backup Account’

7. Select the service user for whom you would like to enable Cloud Backup. Fill in details as necessary. Also one can choose the amount of storage allocated per user. Once done click ‘Finish’

8. A page loads with the new user listed along with summary statistics as per below screenshot.*

   *Note that User1 was allocated 25 GB which he can use on multiple computers (Marked in Red).

    The Administrator of the Cloud account still has another 25 GB at his disposal can be allocated to other user/s (Marked in Blue)

The Administrator can manage all backups for all users by clicking the “Manage Backup” option on the control panel. Alternatively each (service) user can manage their own backups. In our KB, we will show scenario ‘B’, when the user manages his/her own backups.

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