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Covid-19: Update 2

Update 27 March 2020

As you are well aware, the COVID-19 virus outbreak is having serious repercussions on life and business in general. Malta is no exception and the number of cases are increasing on a daily basis. At BMIT Technologies, we are continuously monitoring the situation and taking actions in line with our business continuity plans.  Such plans focus on ensuring that we can continue providing you with services, while at the same time safeguarding the health and safety of our and your employees, of our suppliers and partners.  We are also aligning all actions to the instructions being issued by the Malta Public Health authorities.

The following is another reminder and update to our previous communication. We urge you to take note of and to follow our guidelines and instructions : 

  • We are restricting visits to our data centres for emergency situations only 
  • We need to be informed at least 72 hours prior to calling on-site
  • We reserve the right to reject visit requests if in our reasonable opinion, such visit poses a risk to our employees
  • Any equipment deliveries should be restricted and related to emergency break and fix operations
  • We strongly suggest you to leverage our technicians via remote hand and eyes requests
  • If a visitor to our datacentres has been to any of the countries listed here, s/he will only be allowed in our data centres only after 14 days of arriving back to Malta, showed no sign of illness and confirmed that s/he has followed the guidelines issued by the local health authorities in terms of quarantine and travelling;
  • Prior to be allowed entrance, each visitor will be:
    • Required to sign a form declaring that s/he had abided to the above instructions and guidelines;
    • Screened by means of thermal non-contact cameras or thermometers.  We will only read the temperate, and not record it, and will not allow access if the visitor’s temperature exceeds 37C, you will not be allowed to enter, no exceptions. Our suggestion is that you will immediately proceed to contact a medical specialist;

For customers that have a critical need to access the Data Centre they will be asked to certify that :

  • Do not have cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Have not been out of the country within the last two weeks
  • Have had no known contact with someone in that same period who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Request that the visit is maintained to the least time possible;
  • Request that all appropriate health and safety measures are followed;


We will be limiting physical on-site support to emergency or special circumstances only.  Each such request will be approved on a case-by-case only. 

Our service desk and remote support capabilities have been strengthened further to be able to extend as much as possible such support.  From experience, we believe we should be able to assist in the vast majority of cases through remote means.

Please note that situation is continuously evolving; current procedures and guidelines may be changed at any time.

BMIT Technologies is closely following the recommendations of local public health authorities and will update above precautionary measures accordingly. We will also continue communicating with you, as the need arises. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout this current situation. Please visit our COVID-19 for the latest information.

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