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Do you use Remote Desktop for telework? Think again.

While the COVID-19 worldwide situation is still unfolding and the number of cases is increasing daily, quarantine times are being extended for the foreseeable future until a cure or an effective vaccine is researched and widely available. It’s because of this that remote working has become a necessity for businesses to survive. Many small companies […]

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Remote Work Toolbox

“Work Anytime … Work Anywhere”, a term that might have been a bit of a buzz phrase and just something to aim for a few weeks ago is now today’s reality. For decades we were acquainted with the idea of travelling from home to the office and back … At the worse possible hours of […]

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How to benefit from Government grant to facilitate teleworking

The Government of Malta, through Malta Enterprise, has announced a series of initiatives to help businesses during this difficult moment for the economy. One such initiative seeks to help business adopt teleworking. In brief: Malta Enterprise will pay a grant to every business, up to €4,000, for costs related to telework incurred between 15th February […]

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CIO To-Do List During the COVID-19 Outbreak

With the COVID-19 outbreak come several concerns for organisations in general, and CIOs in particular. As many governments advise everyone to stay and home, and making appeals to companies to enable telework for their employees, CEOs and whole organisations are turning to their CIOs for solutions. Quickly. And available in the most secure manner. Many […]

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With Coronavirus now a Pandemic, Is Your Business Ready for Remote Work?

The coronavirus has become a pandemic. This has put a lot of companies and employees at a huge health risk. This means that, in order to assure that your employees are safe, healthy, and ready for work, you need to switch the workflow up a bit by going remote. Remote work means that the employees […]

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Stay Productive While Working From Home

With the rise of the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more companies are searching for ways to move their workforce to start working remotely from the comfort of their homes. This way they can stay protected during the outbreak and have less contact with people. In order to succeed with this process, especially during challenging times […]

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