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BellNet Internet Services

BellNet Internet Services are aimed at small and large businesses seeking personalised and customised solutions to their requirements. Together with our sister company BMIT, we cover a wide spectrum of services, from connectivity to hosting and co-location to physical and virtual server solutions. BMIT is also the first provider of Cloud services in Malta and we are proud to be part of this leading IT solutions group.

Broadband Connectivity

ADSL – VDSL – Fibre Services

We offer a range of Broadband services aimed at businesses. These range from ADSL services to VDSL services, up to fibre connectivity. This mix of services allows you to choose from a range of speeds, depending on your specific requirements, be they large or small. ADSL speeds go up to 20Mbps, with VDSL and fibre reaching mich higher speeds, up to 100Mbps and more.

Additional Services

Our services go beyond connectivity. We can offer some great web hosting packages, for small and large businesses alike, as well as hosted exchange mail, going up to a staggering 50GB of storage, at great rates.

If your requirements are more specific, or you after setting up your own virtual servers, or host your own servers in a data centres, then you have found the right place. Through BMIT we can offer you a range of data centre, cloud and managed services that will surely address your requirements.

Talk to us. Send us your requirements and we will provide you with a personalised solution, just for you.

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