Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) allows you to strengthen your security by deploying virtual desktops and apps to your remote workforce.

When is Virtualisation useful?

Security and regulation


Financial Services

Health Care


Elastic Workforce


Mergers and Acquisition

Short-term Employees

Contractors and Partners

Remote Employees



Call Centers

Frontline Workers

Specialized Workloads

Specialised Workloads

Design and Engineering

Legacy Apps

Software Dev Test

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How can we help?

Azure Virtual Desktop is available worldwide and we can help you deploy, manage and optimise virtual desktops and apps to empower your remote workforce.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Provide a full-desktop, authenticated experience for users at every level

Azure Virtual Desktop

Reduce the costs and time spent managing on-premises infrastructure

Azure Virtual Desktop

Simplify management, provisioning, and access to corporate data and apps

Azure Virtual Desktop

Deploy and scale in minutes

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